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Xparc Series Pay on Foot System4

Designed in Japan and precision built in Germany, the sleek and contemporary Amano Xparc system provides operators with a flexible and feature laden solution from one of the global leaders in parking equipment.

Xparc is the only fully TCP/IP based product line on the market, which enables seamless integration into any network or IP driven service, including Voice Over IP (VOIP), CCTV & Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Drive more business to your car park – Xparc can also enable significant revenue growth through affiliates, partners and neighbouring facilities. Through use of the Web Cashier system, affiliates and partners can validate, charge or discount their customers from any PC with a browser.

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Features of the Amano System

  • Cost effective for smaller car parks. Minimal hardware, minimal investment – The Xparc system can be installed with your existing server. This, coupled with use of the Xparc Web Cashier, means that you only need to acquire hardware for the entry and exit lane(s)
  • Increase revenue with the Xparc Web Cashier – Whether they be neighbouring business, partners or affiliates, the Xparc system will enable them to validate, discount or charge for their users directly, allowing you to bill the partners.
  • Ability to manage multiple car parks in one centralised location – 100% TCP/IP driven infrastructure enables remote support and maintenance of multiple car park sites from one location
  • A system that can grow with your car park – Modular structure means that entry lanes, exit lanes, pay stations and cashier stations can be easily added
  • Flexible remote support – Whether it be a monitoring station, a mobile phone, an internal phone extension or an intercom, Xparc can cater for your requirement
  • Support, report or analyse from any PC with a web browser – Whether you’re on or off site, in the country or not, any PC can become a workstation
  • Seamless integration – The Xparc system can integrate with your existing databases including loyalty cards, employee databases, permit databases etc

Benefits of a Pay on Foot system

  • Self-Enforcing – No-one enters without a ticket and no-one can get out without paying for moneys due, which the parking system dictates. No underpayments and eliminates non-compliance
  • Increased security – Security barriers increase consumer confidence in the car parks security
  • Ability to have complex tariffs – Whether validating your preferential customers, offering discounts or switching between flat rate and time dependent, Pay on Foot systems offer numerous possibilities
  • Flexible payment methods – It easily accommodates a variety of payment methods such as cash, credit or debit cards, permits, vouchers or season tickets.
  • Improved cash control and audit procedures – With extensive data available, it is possible to audit all financial and time elements. This could be reconciliation of credit card payments or the time taken from paying to exit
Xparc Series

Xparc Series