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Xoffice Management Software

A System that combines practical functionality with the utmost levels of flexibility, allowing remote systems to be managed from a central location, as well as maintaining
day-to-day data

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  • Follows the web application concept and provides its own HTTP server
  • Server hosts the relational database management system (RDBMS)
  • The RDBMS, which is accessed via SQL and ODBC, facilitates third party access to stored data
  • Software installed on the filed controller or car park server contains integrated remote system management software
  • Tariff programming and accounting software is based on standard ERP program structure
  • Flexible and expandable
  • Day to day maintenance of data (i.e. customers, tariffs, service contracts, )
  • Secure storage of system and user data
  • No client software needs to be installed at customer PC’s
  • Drastically reduces the complexity of systems integration
  • Hosts software processes dedicated to specific tasks (i.e. tariff calculations, time synchronization, distribution of data, )
  • Allows even remotely located systems to be managed from a central location
  • All system benefits and administration necessities are met

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