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Parking Management Companies

MF Services can make every square meter of your parking space work for you
and manage numerous sites from one location


Whether it is for Pay and Display or Pay on Foot, Parking Management Companies will find that the products supplied by MF Services are ideal for the smooth and efficient operation of multiple car parks.  Also, CCTV Monitoring Systems, Access Control, Door Automation, along with up-to-the-minute Software and Hardware Technologies, will safeguard the security of your car parking facility.



For Management Companies operating non-barrier parking services.  Our Cale Products for unattended pay and display payment systems are ideal. These systems and not just suitable for on-street parking and small private car parks and supermarkets. Our ticket dispensers can be used for a variety of applications. They also incorporate the latest in data and electronic, mechanical communications.



Our Amano Xparc Series cover all requirements for barrier/pay on foot systems

  • X-parc Fee Computer is a hard-wearing, quality Touchscreen POS system with 15” LCD monitor with hard-drive and pre-installed Microsoft Windows software. This system combines practical functionality with high levels of flexibility, allowing remote systems to be managed from a central location, as well as maintaining day-to-day data.


  • The X-parc Entry and Exit Lane Terminal is a highly flexible system that provides control at carpark entrances and exits, covering all car park requirement such as ticket dispensing, verification and card reading. Its modular software and hardware are suitable for any sized facility, ranging from large multi-site facilities to small carpark units.
  • X-parc Automatic Pay Stations provide the fastest and easiest way for customers to pay and exit, eliminating long queues and improving customer satisfaction. X-Lane Pay Station provide for an unmanned 24-hour operation. It is highly versatile, allowing for the use of coins, notes or cards and has a recycling facility for the utilizing of coins for change in hoppers. It also features a facility to accommodate multiple discount, service or free tickets.
  • Xparc Barrier Gate are swift, durable and efficient with electronic safeguards and smooth movements, designed for car parks with a high frequency of use. A microprocessor logic board, in which all features are dipswitch selectable, fully controls the gate.

MF Services Solutions for Car Parking Management Companies

  • Ability to manage multiple car parks in one centralised location– 100% TCP/IP driven infrastructure enables remote support and maintenance of multiple car park sites from one location
  • Flexible remote support– MF Services can provide a monitoring station, a mobile phone, an internal phone extension or an intercom, depending on your requirement
  • Support, report or analyse from any PC with a web browser– Whether you’re on or off site, in the country or not, any PC can become a workstation
  • Seamless integration –MF Services systems can integrate with your existing databases including loyalty cards, employee databases, permit databases, etc
  • Ability to have complex tariffs – Whether validating your preferential customers, offering discounts or switching between flat rate and time-dependent, Pay on Foot systems offer numerous possibilities
  • Flexible payment methods – It easily accommodates a variety of payment methods such as cash, credit or debit cards, permits, vouchers or season tickets.
  • Improved cash control and audit procedures – With extensive data available, it is possible to audit all financial and time elements. This could be reconciliation of credit card payments or the time taken from paying to exit