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Security Systems for Hotels & Hospitality Sector

MF Services provide integrated systems with elements of CCTV Surveillance and Access Control for the Hospitality Sector

Hotels, Visitor Attractions, Conference Centres, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs and related establishments all have unique security requirements.  City centre establishments often have very limited parking facilities.

MF Services can deliver the Security Package and Parking System you need to provide a good level of security for your customers. CCTV will enhance your existing systems. 

Hotel guests require a level of security that will not impact on their holiday experience, yet they may be concerned about safety in the unfamiliar surroundings. They also need the peace of mind to know that their belongings are secure in their rooms.
CCTV Surveillance deters theft and room break-in’s

Pubs and Clubs, especially nightclubs, face bigger challenges with underage drinkers and illegal activities often occurring. Low lighting often adds to the difficulties so business owners need to be pro-active in this sector in installing up-to-date security.

MF Services Security will deliver excellent quality CCTV cameras so that you can view images in low light conditions, ensuring the security and safety of staff and patrons.

Let us help you put in place an effective Security Solution for your business in the hospitality sector to ensure your reputation is upheld in the community and your commercial interests are not compromised


Solutions Provided

Automatic Gates and Barriers – MF Services supply and maintain automatic barriers as well as automatic gates to effectively control parking spaces and vehicle access to the complex with limited parking facilities.

CCTV Cameras and Management System – MF Services install CCTV cameras with associated Management System for fully integrated surveillance security.

Access Control System –  MF Services install and maintain Access Control Systems, including interlocking mechanism, which allowed the management to control access to restricted zones such as spas and pool areas plus control actions during fire alarm practice.