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Door Automation

MF Services supply, install & maintain several types of automatic door operators, whether they be sliding, swing or revolving. Automatic doors have 4 main functions:

  • Improve customer convenience
  • Accessibility for those with disabilities
  • Improve energy efficiency in cooling/heating of spaces
  • Improve security
  • As part of fire and smoke prevention strategy

All of our Automatic Door Installations comply with all the relevant legislation and the company is fully licensed from The Private Security Authority (PSA).

As from April 2013, EN16005 recommends that all powered doorsets have a maintenance visit at least once per annum. If not, the person/organisation responsible for the facilities could be held liable if there was an incident.

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  • Nursing homes
  • Facilities for disabled people
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centres

Where safety is the first priority

  • Safety locks and access control
  • Fire and smoke prevention purposes

Public Buildings/Areas

  • Public buildings
  • Airports
  • Offices
  • Any entrance/exit with medium to high levels of foot traffic

Where energy has to be saved

  • Exterior doors
  • Corridor end doors
  • Draught-proof systems
  • Workshops

Where hygiene is required

  • Hospitals
  • Surgeries
  • Food manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
EN 16005 states the requirements regarding design and test methods for external and internal doorsets with emphasis on safety in use. Its consideration and application will further enhance the operating safety of power operated pedestrian doors. EN 16005 is effective in Europe from April 2013 and listed in the EU Official Journal as harmonized standard under the Machinery Directive.

This means that Architects, as well as owners, manufacturers, installers, are all potentially liable if the is an incident involving a power-operated pedestrian door. EN16005 is the primary standard for legislative purposes, and therefore there is a burden on all of the above to ensure that all installations comply.

Important content of EN 16005:

  • Regular maintenance is carried out
  • Requirements regarding design and test methods for power operated pedestrian doorsets
  • Safety in use regulation of doorsets for normal access and escape routes / fire resistance
  • Names significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to power operated doors
  • EN 16005 does not cover special functions of doors, like security in banks, airports, etc. or fire compartment
Routine maintenance instructions shall highlight that for safe operation, long term reliability and efficiency, a power operated pedestrian shall be regularly maintained. This includes:

  • That the doorset meets the basic safety requirements set out in EN16005
  • That the basic safeguarding options comply with manufacturers specifications and EN16005, for example:
    • safety distances are sufficient to prevent incidents such as crushing,
    • opening/closing force is adjusted in each phase of operation to to prevent injury,
    • Danger points are protected, such as finger guards, where required,
    • barriers are in place, where required,
    • protective devices such as sensors are operating sufficiently and correctly,

To arrange a maintenance visit, please request a call back.