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Based on Cale’s proven MPC terminal, the CWT Compact is part of a new generation of unattended payment management systems, featuring the latest in applications and electronics technology.

The flexibility of the CWT Compact makes it ideal for a wide range of unattended payment applications. Possible areas of operation range from parking and public transportation to fishing permits and green-fee charges.

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Premium features

The CWT Compact provides sophisticated yet simple payment services with cutting-edge features including software-controlled buttons, licence plate entry, audio interface, remote tariff change, and Near Field Communication (NFC) applications.

Ready for integration

The CWT Compact and Cale WebOffice (CWO) back office application provide a complete and powerful system for the efficient management of any parking operation. Cale´s open interface makes integration with external systems straightforward, enabling functions such as integration with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), permit systems, and enforcement solutions to further optimise your operation.

Secure, flexible payment

The CWT Compact handles all payment options in accordance with the highest security standards in the industry, and all software development follows strict PCI regulations. The CWT Compact features payment methods such as coin, EMV, magstripe cards, MiFare, RFID and other NFC solutions.

Secure and cost efficient operation

Fight vandalism with the CWT Compact. High-security reinforced LDX stainless steel design makes it both durable and easy to maintain. The strengthened lower door and reinforced inner door plates provides a durable and secure envelope. The Cale-patented electronic lock system, together with intrusion sensors, puts you in control. To increase security further, the terminal can be fitted with a vibration detector and siren to identify and deter break-in attempts and vandalism before any major damage is done.

Disabled access

With its shorter pedestal, the CWT Compact is compliant with all the relevant standards for disabled access, including BS8300 (2001).

End-user experience

Thanks to its graphic display, alphanumeric keyboard and preconfigured step-by-step interfaces, complex rates become easy to understand for the end user. The layout of the user interface panels can be fully customised, and in addition to images, the graphic display module also shows different fonts and all characters used in every alphabet. The user interface can be updated remotely using Cale WebOffice.

Autonomous operation

The integrated solar panel makes it possible for the terminal to operate off grid. Back-office and communication solutions Cale WebOffice (CWO) provides tools that simplify day-to-day administration, statistics and reports. CWO also allows Cale terminals to operate in a virtual network.

CWT Compact software, including OS and local settings such as configurations and the user interface, can be upgraded remotely using CWO. Communication is available via cable (LAN) or 3G, and data is encrypted and compressed to be both secure and cost-effective.

Easy contactless payment

CWO 2 offers several clever functions that make the use of contactless payment easy. One example is centralised top-up, which means that parking time can be extended by using a code written on the ticket. This is only applicable when the terminal is configured for registration number input. It is also possible to load an e-wallet or Cale’s contactless card at the terminal. The card history will be saved in CWO, making it easier to replace lost cards.

Highly versatile

Mains or solar powered, the CWT Compact is suitable for solutions requiring one or one thousand terminals.

Advanced parking management

When combined with Cale WebOffice (CWO), the CWT Compact offers a complete and powerful solution for the efficient management of large-scale parking.

High security, low cost of ownership

The stainless-steel cabinet is both weather and vandal resistant, while the Cale patented electromechanical lock and sensors enable central access control. The terminal can also be fitted with an alarmed vibration sensor for additional security. The terminal has a two-part design to simplify installation, relocation, upgrading and servicing.


Simple graphical display with an alphanumeric keypad and pre-programmed, step-by-step instructions. Display screens can be customised to include images, different fonts, accents and all characters used in any language.

Disabled accessibility

The CWT Compact is compliant with all the relevant standards for disabled accessibility.

CWT Compact Brochure

CWT Compact Brochure

Digital Parking by Cale

Digital Parking by Cale

CWT Compact Technical Data Sheet

CWT Compact Technical Data Sheet