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The simple answer to your parking operation Cale WebOffice (CWO) is a web-based solution for managing your Cale payment terminals. With Cale WebOffice you can easily monitor, program, control and update your terminals from the browser on your computer.

The system helps you streamline your business – allowing you to save money and increase revenues while improving service for your customers. Higher efficiency with smart functions CWO offers several useful features that maximise your efficiency, profit and terminal availability.


To connect your terminals to Cale WebOffice (CWO), or to discuss your requirements, please call our Sales Team, or request a call back.


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The interface is transparent and, with a convenient drag and drop functionality, terminals can be divided into groups, for example according to neighbourhoods. An update will thus affect all terminals within the group. This is particularly useful for larger parking operators with many different terminals where they use different prices at different times for different areas.

Information is transmitted automatically between your terminals and CWO, always providing you with up-to-date information about your parking operations. The terminal status page provides an instant overview of all the terminals.

The system also has an automatic alarm management function. If a terminal has been damaged, needs to be emptied, or if the tickets begin to run out, a message is sent to the system.

Combined with the terminal map service, this allows you to easily plan where to send your maintenance personnel.

Elaborate statistics and reports module

Cale WebOffice provides you with quick and secure access to reports and statistics. The analysis tool allows you to produce graphs and reports for individual terminals or groups of terminals quickly and easily. Here you can see the number of purchases made, revenue, time of ticket sales and much more. Using this information, you can refine and optimise your business to save money and increase revenues.

In addition to predefined reports, you can use the analysis tool to create custom reports based on the information that is of interest to you. The reports can then be printed or exported to Excel. Using the scheduled reports tool, you can automatically have reports forwarded to the preselected addresses at specified times.

CWO grows with you

Cale WebOffice has a scalable architecture that ensures reliable service from day one and guarantees good performance, regardless of how your needs evolve or how your business grows.

There are numerous advantages to using CWO services as part of an IT strategy:

  • The customer does not need to invest in expensive equipment.
  • Overheads are minimised and estimating and budgeting for the CWO subscription services is made simple.
  • New applications and functions are launched centrally without requiring the customer to use any of their own resources for installation, upgrades, configuration or troubleshooting.
  • Prevent downtime with total overview and event forwarding
  • Powerful statistical tools for analysis of tariffs, collections and events
  • Proactive operation due to planning of e.g. collection routes and preventive maintenance

Open for integration

CWO can be integrated with third-party systems. Standardised interfaces are used for exporting and importing data. Combining information from several systems is the future for a successful parking operation and enforcement.

Secure and flexible access

Security is the top priority when implementing and using CWO. Protecting information from unauthorised access is one of the key elements on which the system is based.

CWO has a high level of security built into it. The administrator can assign different access levels and privileges to users. For example, one person can be authorised to deal with the alarm function, another only authorised to change terminal groups, and a third authorised to analyse reports and statistics. The access levels can also be used to control the physical access to terminals equipped with Cale’s patented e-lock solution.

Cale WebOffice Brochure

Cale WebOffice Brochure