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Access Control Systems Ireland

MF Services offer a vast range of access control systems, from the simplest localised solution to a fully networked building management system. We can design and install systems which allow vehicles to raise barriers, pedestrians to open doors, drivers to open gates, high value items to be protected and record times of entry and exit which can be linked to employee payrolls. To arrange a free site survey. or to discuss your requirements, please call our Sales Team, or request a call back.

An effective access control system can form an integral part of an effective security system and is crucially important for the security of buildings, property, employees and their belongings. It is about controlling and regulating who has access to, around and within buildings/areas. Access control systems can range from a simple keypad, to magnetic card readers, proximity devices all the way up to multi-door PC Based systems providing total control and monitoring of sensitive areas. These systems can be controlled using swipe cards, pin codes, proximity readers, biometric readers, radio frequency and even number plate recognition.


Restrict Unauthorised Access employee 

MF Services lets you determine authorised points of entry by creating access restrictions. With this system, authorised individuals can access certain areas within specified hours. Ideal for workplace situations, employers can grant limited access to employees without increasing the risk for theft or damage to assets and inventory.

Completely customisable for each individual or group

MF Services access control systems allow complete customisation, right down to each individual door and times.

Secure Your Workspace

MF Services also provides workplace security options, including restricted entry access, video monitoring, and more. Know what is happening in your facility by creating a trail for loss prevention with restricted access entry.

Create an Audit Trial

MF Services provides custom access control solutions by combining options like video surveillance and restricted access. Our multiple layers of protection allow you to create an accessible audit trail that aids in determining the locations of individuals during any incidents that may occur.

Eliminate Key Problems

Say goodbye to the locksmith and hello to the savings by eliminating the hassles of keyed entry. By installing a MF Services access system, you’ll save yourself time and money. Your facilities will be safe from unwanted intruders, leaving you with no need to worry about tracking who has keys or if reproductions have been made.

 As part of our integrated security solutions we offer parking payment solutions including pay and display parking and pay on foot parking systems, access control systems, car park barrier systems and professional cctv systems in Ireland.